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VCSBIM's Resource Augmentation for Architects & Engineers

At VCSBIM L.L.C., we understand the challenges architects & engineers face when it comes to managing projects efficiently while meeting tight deadlines and delivering exceptional results. That's why we offer specialized Resource Augmentation Services for architects & engineers, designed to support your team, enhance your capabilities, and ensure your projects are executed with utmost precision and excellence.

Challenges with Resource Augmentation for Architects & Engineers

Fluctuating Workloads

Architecture & Engineering projects often experience unpredictable workloads, with demands varying throughout the year. It can be challenging for architecture & Engineering firms to maintain a consistent team size while adapting to these fluctuations.

Specialized Skill Requirements

Certain projects may require unique skills that your in-house team might not possess. Finding and recruiting individuals with specific expertise can be time-consuming and expensive.


Tight Deadlines

Meeting tight deadlines is a common challenge in the architecture & Engineering industry. Sometimes, there is an urgent need for additional talent to expedite the completion of projects.

Cost Management

Hiring full-time employees to handle temporary projects can lead to increased overheads and reduced profitability. This is particularly true for short-term or one-off assignments.

The True Value of Resource Augmentation Services for Architects & Engineers


Our Resource Augmentation Services for Architects & Engineers provide the flexibility to scale your team up or down based on project demands. You can quickly onboard skilled professionals for specific durations, ensuring that you have the right resources when you need them most.

Access to Specialized Expertise

With VCSBIM's extensive network of architects & Engineers and industry experts, you gain access to a diverse talent pool. We can source professionals with specialized skills, ensuring that your projects are handled by competent individuals with experience in the relevant domain.

Faster Project Execution

By augmenting your team with our skilled professionals, you can accelerate project delivery without compromising on quality. The additional resources can help distribute the workload and expedite the completion of tasks.


Opting for Resource Augmentation Services for Architects & Engineers are a cost-effective solution compared to hiring full-time employees for short-term assignments. You can save on recruitment, training, and onboarding costs, making your projects more profitable.

Reduced Administrative Burden

When you partner with us for resource augmentation, we take care of administrative tasks like HR management, payroll, and benefits. This allows your core team to focus on their expertise without getting distracted by administrative responsibilities.

Enhanced Competitiveness

Opting for Resource Augmentation Services for Architects & Engineers are a cost-effective solution compared to hiring full-time employees for short-term assignments. You can save on recruitment, training, and onboarding costs, making your projects more profitable.

Why Choose VCSBIM L.L.C. as a Resource Augmentation Partner for Architects & Engineers?

VCSBIM L.L.C. is a reputable and reliable provider of Resource Augmentation Services for Architects & Engineers, catering to the unique needs of architects & Engineers. We have a proven track record of successfully assisting architecture & Engineering firms in overcoming their resource challenges and delivering outstanding results.

Our commitment to excellence, vast talent pool, and customer-centric approach set us apart as the preferred partner for resource augmentation. With VCSBIM, you can be confident in meeting project deadlines, managing workloads effectively, and elevating your architectural & Engineering capabilities to new heights.

Resource Augmentation Partner


Operating from Ashburn VA, VCSBIM LLC, along with its resource partner, has been delivering Resource Augmentation Services for Architects & Engineers, including BIM, MEP Coordination, Architectural & Engineering Drafting, and Contractibility solutions in the United States since 2017.

We extend our expertise, processes, and teams to the AEC industry through our RAS partnership programs. As Autodesk Partners, we offer a robust training program to enhance our resources' capabilities in all aspects of building information modeling and drafting.

Traing Center
US Address 19940 Smith Circle
Ashburn VA 20147
Project, Technology & Delivery Management

Project, Technology & Delivery Management

Process Improvements

Quality & Process Improvements

Resource Augmentation Service (RAS)

Resource Augmentation Services for Architects & Engineers (RAS) offered by VCSBIM LLC, provide comprehensive BIM drafting support to clients. Through RAS, clients have the flexibility to hire skilled resources from VCSBIM on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. By establishing a productive partnership with VCSBIM, clients can create a dedicated production house or support arm for their company. This collaboration utilizes both onshore and offshore support models, ensuring top-notch quality at reduced costs.

Once VCSBIM is engaged as its vendor, clients can rely on a hassle-free experience, as the company takes care of resource loading, talent acquisitions, financial planning, and production management under the RAS program. This enables clients to focus solely on their projects with their core team while leaving all the auxiliary tasks to VCSBIM's capable hands.

Project Management

BIM Management and
Project Management

Embracing Integrity and Streamlined Technology with Resource Augmentation Services(RAS) for Architects & Engineers.

At our company, we hold a deep sense of pride in upholding our core value: "Integrity." Our commitment to honesty and ethical practices forms the foundation of our services in BIM Management and Project Management.

To enhance our clients' experience and ensure complete transparency, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology. By leveraging these innovative tools, we simplify complex processes, making them more accessible and understandable for our valued clients. This approach enables us to maintain an open and honest working relationship with all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

  • iFieldSmart serves as an effective tool for project management.
  • With iFieldSmart, tracking the project status and expediting processes during urgency becomes seamless.
  • Calculating hours spent and utilizing resources is effortless.
  • Team members can easily communicate and collaborate on project tasks.
  • Facilitate the identification and analysis of project risks.
  • Easily accomplish project task planning and scheduling.
  • The team leader assigns tasks to members, achieving smaller milestones in the project.
  • Our solutions aid in manpower utilization and estimating project hours efficiently.
  • Efficiently manage changes to project scope.

Ensuring Quality & Process

Our primary focus lies in guaranteeing the utmost quality and process improvements. To achieve this, we take meticulous care to ensure that the submitted geometry possesses the appropriate level of development, is accurately positioned, represents a precise system, and is entirely free of any clash issues. Our comprehensive process encompasses all these vital aspects.

Quality & Process
  • By adhering to best practices and establishing a streamlined workflow.
  • Reviewing and endorsing model save and sharing methods.
  • Conducting model audits using a pre-established checklist.
  • Verifying the design's compliance with the pre-established checklist.
  • Enabling your teams to enforce your organization's QC standards.
  • Long-term resource engagement will aid in QC implementation and fostering a unique office culture.
  • Having been involved in this work model since its inception, VCSBIM LLC's resources are well-trained and familiar with AEC industry standards.
  • Our processes are continually refined and improved based on our experience.

Support provided by VCSBIM L.L.C. for
Resource Augmentation Services (RAS) for Architects & Engineers.

Bime Support

A dedicated US BIM Manager is provided to you who acts as a liaison between you and your offshore resources at a lower cost

You select your trade-specific BIM Manager from our pools of managers.

pools of managers
BIM manager

All your communication, project management, and logistics will be handled by the BIM manager

VCSBIM L.L.C. Features

No Hassles For Hiring

Extended Office Dedicated Team for your projects

Monthly / Quarterly yearly resource engagements

Ability to scale and Ramp Resources

Dedicated Servers and high bandwidth internet.

Secured Data systems.

Robust Training Model.

Simplified Accounting Easy to review report for Billed hours with transparent financial model.

Raising Productivity Levels with lower operating Expenses.

How Does It Work

The dedicated manager for you. Manager

For project data and resource management, you can rely on the BIM manager hailing from VCSBIM L.L.C., your single point of contact for all matters.

The company that belongs to you. Your Company

When it comes to resource loading, VCSBIM L.L.C. will be your contracted partner.

The project you have completed. Successful Projects

Experience reduced costs, enhanced productivity, and improved resource flexibility!

The resources you have augmented. Augment Resources

Achieve efficient resource management.

Services Architecture & Engineering

  • What are the requirements of architects & Engineers?
  • Converting sketches into Revit models.
  • Converting CAD files to Revit format.
  • Emphasizing code compliance in the model rather than just drafting.
  • Generating work sets.
  • Producing contract drawings, including SD, DD permit set, construction set, and subsequent CCDS.
  • Utilizing laser scanning and point cloud modeling.
  • Creating walkthroughs and renderings.
  • Developing presentation drawings.
  • Managing processes through RFI logs and more.
Services Architecture

Benefits of Resource Augmentation Services (RAS) for Architects & Engineers.

Reduced Infrastructure Cost
Infrastructure cost is reduced.  
Reduced Overhead
Overhead (Recruitment Administration) is minimized.
Faster turn-Around time
Turn-around time has increased, and become faster.  
Low-Cost Buffer
The capability to maintain a Low-Cost
buffer to address staff turnover is established.  
Industry ready 
Professionals are industry-ready.

Creation of globally
                deployable resource pool
A globally deployable resource pool is

Unlock the full potential of your architectural & Engineering projects today! Supercharge your team with our elite Resource Augmentation Services (RAS) for Architects & Engineers. Get started now and elevate your designs to new heights!

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